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At Monte Forte Securities SCC Ltd., we specialize in bespoke securitization solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of asset managers, hedge fund managers, and family offices. Nestled in the heart of Malta’s vibrant financial sector, our Securitization Cell Company structure offers unparalleled flexibility, security, and compliance with Malta’s robust legal framework. Discover a partnership that empowers your investment strategy with precision-engineered financial instruments designed for stability and growth.


Securization Cell Company

MonteForte Securities SCC operates as a specialized Securitization Cell Company (SCC) under the stringent regulatory framework of Malta, dedicated exclusively to structuring and managing securitization transactions. It employs a cell-based architecture, allowing for the creation of segregated portfolios within the same entity for distinct securitization activities, thereby facilitating the conversion of non-liquid assets into liquid capital. Governed by the Maltese Securitisation Act and regulations, MonteForte Securities SCC offers comprehensive securitization services, catering to a diverse clientele including asset managers and hedge fund managers, by providing versatile investment options and asset classes.

Tailored approach

Innovation Security & Flexibility

Monte Forte Securities SCC Ltd. is founded on the principles of innovation, security, and flexibility in the financial securitization sector. With a team of seasoned professionals, we are committed to delivering tailored securitization solutions. Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives through strategic asset management and investment.


Securizable Assets

Real Estate
Mortgages Credit Certificates
Rental Rights, Other Receivables
Commercial Mortgage Loans
Corporate Debt, Asset Backed Securities - (ABS)
Debt Collateral, Commercial Loans, Commodities,

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